The History of Title Loans

If you’re in need of financial support, your vehicle can be a valuable asset. You don’t need to sell your vehicle to gain access to cash. Instead, you can get loan with your car title. At Georgia Title Loans, our team of loan servicers can provide you with fast cash based on the value of your vehicle.

What Are Title Loans?

A title loan is a type of loan that uses the title to a piece of property as collateral. Instead of relying on your credit score, this type of loan considers the value of the property. Cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles are common choices for these loans. The loan company will hold your vehicle’s title until you have paid off the loan. Our company provides the best rates to help you pay off your loan quickly.

The History of Title Loans

This type of loan was first introduced in the 1990s. They were designed to help people who needed extra cash but couldn’t qualify for traditional loans through banks and other lenders because of poor credit or low income. All lenders need from borrowers is proof of insurance and income to start the loan process. The average amount of money borrowed with these loans is $1000.

After title loans were introduced, lenders quickly became competitors with pawn shops as quick cash providers. Over the years, title loan companies have surpassed pawn shops in popularity. Unlike pawn shops, businesses who offer loans for vehicle titles do not require you to leave your collateral at the store. Our loan company upholds that same practice and does not require the physical vehicle to be handed over, only its title. This allows borrowers to continue driving their vehicle while making payments on the loan.

Trade Your Title for Cash Today

We can help you get the money you need quickly. Banks can take several hours or even days to approve or reject your loan application. We can provide you with the money you need in less than an hour. All you’ll need to borrow from us is a clear title on your property. Bring your title in with your car and a government-issued ID to find out how much cash we can offer you. We never ask why you need the money. You can speed up the process by filling out our online loan application.

Our loan terms are flexible. The repayment period of your loan can be as long or short as you need it to be. All you have to do is make the minimum monthly payments on time. Once you pay off the loan, the title is returned to you. There are no minimum requirements for the types of vehicles we accept. We offer loans on older vehicles and those that are only a couple years old. All that matters is your vehicle’s title is clear, it has no liens, and it still has market value.

Contact Georgia Title Loans to find out how we can help you get the cash you need today.