Frequently Asked Questions

A title loan is a short-term loan designed to get you fast, easy cash using your vehicle as collateral. The loan is essentially unlocking the equity in your paid-off vehicle.

Yes! You keep and drive your vehicle for the duration of the loan.

Fill out the on-line application or call one of our service area phone numbers. Or, simply  bring your car, truck or motorcycle, clear title, and valid state driver’s license to our Lawrenceville Service Center. Then, it back and relax while we conduct a brief appraisal to determine the title loan amount based on your vehicle’s value and your ability to pay the loan back. Once your title loan is approved (usually in 30 minutes or less), you receive the funds, you leave with your vehicle, and we hold onto the title. When the title loan is paid off, we will return your title to you.

The requirements are simple. All you need to get a title loan from Georgia Title Loans is:

  • Car, truck, or motorcycle
  • Clear title to the vehicle
  • Valid state driver’s license
  • Verifiable Income

The length of the loan originates at thirty (30) days. However, you are allowed to have the loan for as little or long as you need it. You may renew or extend your loan month to month for as many months as needed, as long as you make your minimum scheduled payments.

Yes! You do not have to be employed to get a title loan, but you do have to have a source of verifiable income such as disability, unemployment, retirement income, etc, and enough income to pay the loan back.

Yes! Because we will need to verify that you have income, our representative will work with you in obtaining the information needed to satisfy the verification requirements.

The typical time is less than 30 minutes; from the time you walk into our store, to the time you walk out with your money.

Yes. You must have valid, up to date insurance on your vehicle.

In most instances, you will get your title back the same day you pay off your loan. One exception may be if we have not yet received your car title back from the DMV. In this case, you would receive your title as soon as the state has returned it to us.

This is based mainly on the value of your car, truck or motorcycle, but also on your ability to repay the loan. We will loan up to $50,000 if the vehicle value warrants and is mutually agreed upon by both parties.

Yes! We loan on most any year, make or model vehicle. The loan is determined more by the overall value of the vehicle, not just the mileage.

We accept cash, money orders, cashier’s checks and deposits to our bank account at your local branch. No debit or credit cards are accepted.


*The amount of loan and loan approval is subject to vehicle evaluation at a Georgia Title Loans location.